Sports is a focus area when it comes to physical development of the students. The school has been taking up sports activities since time immemorial. Sports activities are considered extremely important as it adds to the agility of the child and also develops life skills like team spirit, taking success and failures in a stride. Regular sports activities include:

  • Skating
  • Table Tennis
  • Taekwondo
  • Hockey

Child friendly infrastructure

Modern and colourful interiors of the school help in sensory stimulation of our little ones. Child centric facilities like colourful play area, facilities for splash pool, ball pool, computer room, e-learning through smart boards facilitates better learning.

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Safety and security

Above all, comes the safety and security of our little ones. At Kids Way, utmost care is taken to ensure safe arrival and dispersal of our kids. We have verified grade IV staff and drivers. Facility of CCTV surveillance at all strategic places in the school has been provided. A full-time nurse, first aid kits and tie up with doctors for any medical emergency.